We sufficiently explain about legal fee which is seemed obscure while having improved transparency as high as possible and defining the basis for the fee calculation when clients consult us. It is our policy that we explain about our scope of works and legal fees enough for clients’ understanding before starting our work.

Our charge system consist of [Legal Consultation Fee], [Fixed Charge], [Hourly Charge], [Commencement Fee/ Contingent Fee], and [Regular Advisory Fee on monthly basis]. We make efforts to propose a fee arrangement corresponding to each case to the clients’ best interest.

(※Examples of legal fee” below are only for reference. We will propose an estimation of our fee based on content of each case.>>Request for estimation CLICK HERE

About Fee

1- Legal Consultation Fee

The first consultation: 5,000yen/30mins. (consumption tax not included)
The second one onwards: We will propose our fee arrangement corresponding to the content of the case.

2- Fixed Charge

This is one of the types of our fee arrangement. The amount of our legal fee is fixed for each case corresponding to a whole period from commencement until the end of the case. In advance we will ask clients about the outline of their cases, and propose them with our estimation in relation to expected services and its volume. After we obtain client’s consent, then we will start to work on the cases.

<Examples of legal fee①>

Example Examples of legal fee
Issue a warning letter against the client’s debtor for collection of receivable on behalf of the client who has entered into an advisory contract with our firm. 50,000JPY
Regarding the case in which an ex-employee of the client required to pay the overtime payment and we reached a settlement with such ex-employee by paying a part of his/her claim after negotiation with the ex-employee 300,000JPY
Draft a format of license agreement of which purpose is to govern and manage the client’s trademark in a uniformed way against twenty (20) distributors 300,000JPY
Regarding the acquisition of IT related R&D company of which annual turnover is around 300,000,000JPY, we carry out our due diligence work on basic information of the company, and on some of the main trade agreements, and provide a draft of the share transfer agreement. 1,500,000JPY

<Example of legal fee>

Example Example of legal fee
Drafting and reviewing contracts
Non-disclosure agreements (simple ones) 30,000JPY~
Sales and Purchase Agreement and other types of any standard agreement 50,000JPY~
License Contract 100,000JPY~
Drafting a format of contract
Drafting a format of common type of contract 300,000JPY~
Issuance of Securities
Issuance of Shares 200,000JPY~
Issuance of Debentures 200,000JPY~
Grant of Stock Option 200,000JPY~
Issuance of Class Shares 300,000JPY~
(Any cases do not have obligation to disclose of Securities Registration Statement, etc.)
Corporate Acquisitions/M&A
Transfer of Share 200,000JPY~
Transfer of Business 200,000JPY~
Merger, Share Exchange 300,000JPY~
Division of Corporate(Company Split) 300,000JPY~
Share Transfer/making the company hold shares 300,000JPY~
(Each of the above amounts shows the examples of our legal fee on the above-described transaction only. Any other task which is incidental to the above is subject to another fee arrangement.)
Investigation of Companies/Due Diligence
Legal due diligence on a target company 500,000JPY~
Capital Tie-Up/Business Tie-Up, Investment
Joint Venture Agreement 300,000JPY~
Capital/Business Tie-Up Contract 200,000JPY~
Investment Contract 200,000JPY~
Shareholders Agreement 300,000JPY~
Third Party Committee
The Third Party Committee for Large-Scale Allocation of New Sharse to a Third Party/ Investigation Committee for Corporate Scandals 1,000,000JPY~
Shareholders’ Meeting Service

3- Hourly Charge

This is the fee calculated by multiplying the hourly rate of the attorney fee, who is in charge of the case, (Generally 30,000yen per hour (Excluding Tax)) and actual working hours.


・If attorney worked on the case for 5 hours
30,000JPY ×5hours= 150,000JPY

4- Retainer Fee/Contingent Fee

We might receive the Retainer fee when we start to work on the case and it shall not be refund for any reason or result.

We receive Contingent Fee in addition to Retainer Fee when the case is closed successfully and the amount of Contingent Fee would correspond to what extent the client’s goal or purpose is achieved.

In this case, the amount of fee will be fixed regardless of how many hours we work.


In case of lawsuit, we would propose Retainer Fee and contingentfee being calculated by the following formula, which had been adopted by the Attorney Fee Rules of Japan Federation of Bar Association abolished in 2004.

However, we may increase or decrease the fee corresponding to the difficulty and any other reason in relation to cases.

Amount of Financial Benefit Retainer Fee Contingency fee
3 million yen or less 8%
(Provided; Minimum Amount :10 thousand)
more than 3 million yen to 30million yen 5% 10%
more than 30 million yen to 300 million yen 3% 6%
more than 300 million yen 2% 4%

5- Monthly Advisory Fee

As for the clients who sign the regular legal advisory agreement with us, we will charge in every month the amount of which is stipulated in legal advisory contract.

Minimum amount of Monthly Advisory Fee is 50,000yen (Excluding Tax) and we will propose the amount corresponding to the scale of client’s business and expected service volume, etc.

In the case of legal advisory agreement, clients can ask us for free legal consultations and legal services up to the prescribed time in every month as following.
As for our services exceeding the prescribed time, for lawsuit and other certain scale of projects, we will charge a certain amount of fee which will be proposed based on the above charge system separately from Monthly advisory fee. Provided however, that client will enjoy some discount as shown below.

Monthly Fee Free Consultations Discount Rate
50,000JPY 3hours 10%
100,000JPY 7hours 20%
150,000JPY 10hours 30%
200,000JPY 13hours 30%

Process of fee estimation

Hearings with clients by face-to-face meeting, phone conference, or e-mail.
Corresponding to expected period, difficulty, monetary scale of such case, and related information, we propose our fee arrangement among the above choices for client’s best interest.
After being examined by clients, we will reach an agreement.
Provide services.

Request for estimation

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After confirmation, we will contact you.

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