Kumagai, Tanaka & Tsuda is established by lawyers with experience in handling cutting-edge corporate legal matters. We are committed to providing swift, accurate, and high-quality legal services by keeping a close relationship with clients.
By organizing a team of talented professionals and thoroughly pursuing the quality of services based on our extensive experience and advanced knowledge, we are well positioned to provide bespoke legal services in a practical manner, which differentiate us from other law firms.MORE INFORMATION
Entrepreneurial venture

Incorporation, Capital and shareholding strategy, Legal check on business model/ Support for new businesses, Contract and commercial, Support for IPO, etc.


Unlisted Companies

Contract and Commercial, Support for Raising of Fund, Debt Recovery, M&A, Support for IPO, Business Succession, Bankruptcy/Restructuring, Tax, etc.


Listed Companies

Timely Disclosure, Shareholders’ Meeting, M&A, Corporate Reorganization, Financial Arrangements, MBO, Going Private, Third Party Committee, etc.


Finance, Securities, and Fund

Banking, Trusts, and Securities, Structured Finance, LBO Finance,
Organizing of Fund, Investment Management and Investment Advisor, etc.



Our firm provides legal services in both English and Chinese to foreign companies
doing business in Japan or with Japanese companies with our extensive knowledge
and experiences in a broad range of legal practices in Japan.
We pride ourselves on our ability to satisfy our foreign clients’ legal need concerning Japanese laws.

Legal AdviceAs your true partner

We serve clients ranging from entrepreneurial ventures to listed companies with the combined experience of our team and provide a full range of legal services on corporate related legal matters. We strive to meeting our clients’ needs by providing one-stop service.

We support the growth of entrepreneurial ventures at their start-up stage of business and we offer free consultation services on business models that help entrepreneurs launch their new businesses.

We are committed to making great efforts to improve our legal and commercial skills, and we think from our clients’ perspective and share clients’ concerns and success as their close partner.

Please feel free to ask us whether we can deal with your case.

※ Please note that we will not give our legal advice to any individual case here.

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How can we help?

How can we help?

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    We have a wealth of practical experience not only in various general corporate legal matters and dispute resolutions but also advising on the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, M&A, Finance and IPO, so that our strength is being able to provide high quality of legal services in a wide range of practice areas.

    In addition, with our extensive experience in cross-border transactions and overseas investment in China, Hong Kong and other Asian countries, we are well-position to offer legal support tailored to a borderless operating environment which is an inevitable trend in modern day business.

    We are well aware of and confident in meeting client’s need for practical and bespoke solutions given from a business and practical standpoint, where flexibility and unconventional way of thinking are keys to offering the same.

    Furthermore, we aim to maximize our clients’ interests by organizing a team of talented professionals and thoroughly pursuing the quality of our services.